Instagram Challenge

February 1st to February 10th 2020, winners announced on February 11th.

We are getting ready for the Leap Year Yoga Challenge. Click here for details. 

Learn how to complete a sun salutation with this fun challenge & win some awesome prizes!

Each day HEF will post a Instagram & Facebook video of our the Leap Year Yoga Challenge Leadership Team demonstrating one pose from the sun salutation vinyasana.

We encourage you to practice the pose, then post a pic on your Instagram , and/or Facebook page of you in the pose of the day. To see the Facebook instructions, click here.

Instagram Challenge Instructions:

Use the #HEFgives #LYYC2020 and follow the HEF Leader who challenged you that day.

Everyday, Each person who posts & tags will be entered to win one of these prizes. We will announce the winners on Day 10.

Introduction January 31: Share the post on your Facebook page, on Instagram, follow on : Holistic Education Foundation  and Leap Year Yoga Challenge.
Day 1: Mountain pose, Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020 , Follow:  SophieQuiche  CatteOconnor
Day 2: Forward fold, Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020 , Follow: TheHealingHouse   TreisterCaryn
Day 3: Flat back pose, Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020 #Isabelle #KimVaccaro
Day 4: Plank, Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020 tag and Follow: reinvent_T and TranquilityHavenCenter
Day 5: Chataranga/Dandansana, Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020 Follow: Lotus Loft  and Andrea Levy

Day 6: Cobra/Upward Facing Dog  Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020
Day 7: Downward Facing Dog, Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020
Day 8: Child’s Pose, Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020 Follow: The Yoga Shrink
Day 9: modified beginner sun salutation,  Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020 Follow: PrimalWellness.ateam and Acroyogitherapist
Day 10: advanced sun salutation, Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020  Follow: DownToEarthYogaStudioFl
Day 11: Announcement of Winners!