Facebook Challenge

February 1st to February 10th 2020, winners announced February 11th.

We are getting ready for the Leap Year Yoga Challenge. Click here for details. 

Learn how to complete a sun salutation with this fun challenge & win some awesome prizes!

Each day HEF will post a Instagram & Facebook video of our the Leap Year Yoga Challenge Leadership Team demonstrating one pose from the sun salutation vinyasana.

We encourage you to practice the pose, then post a pic on your Instagram and/or Facebook page of you in the pose of the day. To see the Instagram instructions, click here. 

Facebook Challenge  Instructions:

Everyday, Each person who posts & follows the person who challenged you, will be entered to win one of these prizes. We will announce the winners on Day 10.

Introduction January 31: Share the post on your Facebook page,
Day 1: Mountain pose, Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020 , Like:  SophieQuiche  CatteOconnor
Day 2: Forward fold, Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020 , Like:  TheHealingHouse  Never Settle Life Coaching
Day 3: Flat back pose, Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020 Isabelle & Kim Vaccaro
Day 4: Plank, Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020 tag and Like: Empower Me Tamela and  Tranquility Haven Center
Day 5: Chataranga/Dandansana, Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020 Like: Lotus Loft
Day 6: Cobra/Upward Facing Dog  Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020
Day 7: Downward Facing Dog, Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020
Day 8: child’s pose, Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020 Like: The Yoga Shrink
Day 9: modified beginner sun salutation,  Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020 Like: Anne Warner and LL Counseling and Wellness
Day 10: advanced sun salutation, Tag #HEFgives #LYYC2020  Like: Down To Earth Yoga
Day 11: Announcement of Winners!