Our Purpose 

Holistic Education Foundation’s purpose is to educate the public in a variety of holistic health modalities through hosting free monthly meetings. 

HEF encourages our community members to attend meetings, be involved, and build relationships. By creating local chapters, we can help the community connect with like-minded individuals in a non-judgmental environment. Creating a space where everyone can respect and honor their lifestyle choices.


Our Vision

 HEF hopes to create a national organization that is widely recognized.

 HEF hopes to become a resource, and bridge the gap between conventional living & holistic living. Education the community, in a non-judgmental environment, with natural choices, so they can make the best decisions for themselves & for their families. 

HEF hopes to create a supportive place for our Leaders and Members to work together to fulfill our vision, pursue our purpose, and help educate the public in holistic health.

Our Values 

We are passionate about educating the public, so they can make informed decisions.

 We value and appreciate diversity.

We share the belief that we, as individuals, have the right to make the choices that best suite our needs.

We encourage everyone to educate themselves, and advocate for what is best for them.

We encourage people to follow their instincts, and trust their own judgement.

We welcome everyone in a non-judgement environment.

We are dedicated to serving with respect and professionalism


About the Foundation

The Holistic Education Foundation is a non-profit organization. Our local Chapters host free monthly meetings. you can find a local chapter near you here.

Each meeting has a new topic on Holistic/Alternative/Natural Health. Members will enjoy listening/interacting with local practitioners who will discuss topics like: Holistic Nutrition, Mindfulness, and/or green living. We host volunteer speakers such as Acupuncturists and Chiropractors who educate us on what they do, how they can help us, and what to expect at an office visit. Additional speakers/topics include, Holistic Veterinarians, Holistic Dentists, Holistic Doctors, and more!

Local chapters participate in community events like: beach cleanups,  We help join the community and connect at girl’s night out, men’s bowling/golf, singles mingles, couples date night, kids fun day, senior event, turtle watches, and more. Join us anytime!

Local Chapters participate in a multitude of buying co-ops for produce, meat, eggs, and dairy. Additionally, we group buy from  the Frontier buying co-op, allowing our members to enjoy discounts on natural and organic products.  Frontier Co-op is a cooperatively owned wholesaler of natural and organic products.  It sells products under the Frontier Co-op, Simply Organic and Aura Cacia brands. Products include essential oils, organic clothing, organic snacks, spices, bulk herbs and teas with authentic flavor and sustainable sourcing. Non-GMO, non-ETO, organic and Fair Trade.

Our Story

Holistic Education Foundation was founded in 2017 by Catherine O’Connor. The inspiration came from yearning for a community of naturally minded individuals. Joining Catherine on the Board of Directors was Andrea Pearson & Shara Maso. The hope was to connect the community with wellness professionals & build mutually beneficial relationships.

The first Chapter of HEF launched March 2018 in Martin County, Florida. The Chapter held a free meeting once per month. Each month had a new topic that related to holistic health, and HEF hosted a guest speaker that specialized in that field.  By August 2018, HEF placed their first co-op order & started to buy as a group, from a variety of holistically minded vendors.

 In January 2019, HEF became a national organization, when they launched a Chapter in New York with Marie Nauman and Lety Algeria leading the Suffolk County Chapter. HEF also launched a Chapter in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Meet the Team

Catherine A. O’Connor HHP CRP

Founder & CEO

Catherine is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, the Owner/Operator of Inspired By Life, which focuses of Holistic Wellness, and Founder of the non-profit organization Holistic Education Foundation. She holds an Associates’ degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Catherine studied Holistic Medicine at the American College for Healthcare Sciences. She studied Iridology (the study of the Iris to detect nutritional deficiencies), Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Holistic Nutrition, and Anatomy & Physiology. Catherine is E-RYT certified from the Yoga Alliance. She is a Master Meditation Leader, Reiki Master and Master Reiki Teacher.

Honored for her dedication to her family, and efforts to share her passion for healing holistically, Catherine has received the prestigious Fortune52 award.  She was the first woman to receive the AnnMarie Bauman Award from the FeelGood Foundation, and has been featured in the Long Island Press, Long Island Mama’s Mom of the month, and was featured on Panera Bread’s website.

Catherine is married to her hero, and has 4 beautiful happy children. She is an advocate for raising children naturally, and practices Attachment Parenting. Although her children attend public school, at home they follow and model the Waldorf school. Catherine actively volunteers in her community, hoping to promote safe and entertaining exercise, and encourages programs for healthy eating. For fun, Catherine loves a day at the beach with her family, playing tennis, learning to play golf, meeting & connecting with new people and traveling to new places.


Andrea Pearson HHC CPT

Chief Marketing Director

Shara Maso HHP E-RYT

Director Special Initiatives & Development

Shara is holds a bachelor’s degree in organizational business management and two associates in communications marketing and advertising design. Formally, she was the Electives Department Head, Wellness Lead, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and also teaches Life Skills, P.E., and Health for Fusion Academy. Currently, She is an E-RYT yoga instructor and holds her membership through the Yoga Alliance where she is required to continuously take CEU’s to keep her membership active. Shara is trained in Yoga for Self Regulation and Trauma, Theta Healing, Feminine Evolution Activation, and Young Woman Mentor-ship. She is a Reiki Master and an active member of the Yoga Service Council. She has also attended the leadership program for Yoga In Action with Off the Mat into the World lead by Carrington Jackson. This program builds community around yoga and service creating authentic, lasting change close to home.

At her best, Shara can be found at the beach, actively raising identical twin daughters, attending PTA meetings and events, or working with Parenting for Social Change and the Nurtured Parent. She loves to sparkle throw with her daughters and is known for random dance outbreaks in Whole Foods, and other public venues. Shara also actively volunteers with the Long Island Clean Water Partnership and the Long Island Pine Barrens Society.