About Us

Our Purpose 

Holistic Education Foundation’s purpose is to educate the public in a variety of holistic health modalities & connect a community of like-minded individuals.

HEF encourages our community members to attend meetings, be involved, and build relationships. By creating local chapters, we can help the community connect with like-minded individuals in a non-judgmental environment. Creating a space where everyone can respect and honor their lifestyle choices.

Our Vision

 HEF hopes to create a national organization that is widely recognized.

 HEF hopes to become a resource, and bridge the gap between conventional living & holistic living. Education the community, in a non-judgmental environment, with natural choices, so they can make the best decisions for themselves & for their families. 

HEF hopes to create a supportive place for our Leaders and Members to work together to fulfill our vision, pursue our purpose, and help educate the public in holistic health.

Our Values 

We are passionate about educating the public, so they can make informed decisions.

 We value and appreciate diversity.

We share the belief that we, as individuals, have the right to make the choices that best suite our needs.

We encourage everyone to educate themselves, and advocate for what is best for them.

We encourage people to follow their instincts, and trust their own judgement.

We welcome everyone in a non-judgement environment.

We are dedicated to serving with respect and professionalism