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We are only launching 3 new chapter this year! If you are looking to lead this great organization in your town, contact us today!

Volunteering has great benefits!

  • Volunteering will allow you to connect to local like-minded people.
  • Your personal life & your business life will flourish.
  • You will gain confidence in yourself, while having fun.
  • You will be on the forefront of your local holistic community.
  • You can learn new skills.
  • Once your chapter reaches 20 members, you will be invited to attend HEF’s yearly leadership & awards conference. The next conference & awards ceremony will be joined with HEF’s Leap Year Yoga Challenge, February 29th, 2020.

What you can expect from the HEF Leadership team?

  • HEF will pair you with an HEF mentor. They will be your guide in launching a successful chapter in your area.
  • HEF will provide your chapter with all the necessary start up tools.
  • HEF will work with you to launch a successful chapter & teach you how to make successful events.

What is expected from a HEF Leader

  • HEF requests become a HEF Supporter.
  • Host a monthly meeting that is FREE and open to the public.
  • The location should be a public place which is not affiliated with any HEF member, and the venue cannot charge for you to use their space. (We will teach you how to arrange that, and help you find a venue if necessary.)
  •  Contact naturally minded professionals in your area & invite them to speak. As we are all volunteers, we ask our speakers to volunteer also. You are not permitted to pay any speaker that attends your meeting. (We will provide you with templates, and teach you how to invite speakers in your area to come speak to your group.)
  • Yearly, attend 3 events in your area yearly to promote HEF. (Wellness fairs, community cleanups, or and/other networking groups, ect.)
  • Send out a monthly press release, 6 weeks prior to the meetings.  (We will provide you with templates, and teach you how to send out a press release. We will also coach you on how to speak to different media outlets.)
  • Adhere to our non-solicitation policy.

Join us & make the world a better place .Click here for the Leadership Application