The Significance of 108 Sun Salutations

The challenge of preforming 108 sun salutations requires dedication and determination.  It takes a special dedication of not only your physical body, but also of you mind.  For those who choose to take challenge of practicing 108, you receive more than just the mere exercise.

108 was  not chosen on accident, it was a purposeful action, to provide you the power that this number can bring to your soul… if you allow it to.

Did you know, there is a distance between the Earth  108 times the diameter of the Sun, the Earth is 108 times the diameter of the Moon, the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth? This is no coincidence; it is creation found within the number.

108 is a sacred multi-dimensional number. Much like the sound of OM can resonate deep within you, so can this magical number. The significance is open to interpretation, which allows you to choose which best resonates with your being. We all have choices to make & yoga allows us to make the best choice for our self in the moment we are in it. That is one power of the number 108.

108 is a refactorable number, also called a tau number. In numbers theory, friendly numbers are two or more natural numbers with the same abundancy index.

The Mala Prayer necklace, used in both Hinduism & Buddhism are beads for meditation. Offering 108 beads strung together, with love, to provide spiritual healing.

In yoga, the number 108, refers to spiritual completion. This is described to be understood as a maturing process and an achievement of goals.

So, now that you, you can make  choice, how does 108 resonate with you?