HEF relies on people like you who support our community.

Donate just $100, and become a Natural Networking Member for one year.

To complete this membership, you must complete an application and schedule a conference with your local Chapter Leader for approval.

Once your membership is approved you can:

  • Host a HEF in-person meeting at your business.
  • Have your business will be listed on HEF’s website directory. 
  • Have the opportunity to organize events and programs for HEF.
  • Volunteer for your local chapter & the National organization.
  • Receive discounts offered from local holistic business and practitioners listed in our directory. 
  • Gain access to member’s only events.
  • Receive discounts to all HEF organized events.

Find your local chapter here.

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Please be advised: HEF is currently working on organizing this part of our organization. All details and benefits are subject to change without notice.