Networking Member

Please be advised: HEF is currently working on organizing this part of our organization. All details and benefits are subject to change without notice.

If you are local to one of our existing chapters, HEF is proud to partner with local volunteers, practitioners, and  business to provide you with a growing variety of membership benefits.

Donate just $100, and become a Natural Networking Member of your local chapter for one year.

To complete this membership, you must complete an application and schedule a conference with your local Chapter Leader for approval.

  • Your business will be listed on HEF’s website directory. 
  • Your business has the opportunity to be listed & promoted on our national shopping hub:
  • The opportunity to organize events and programs for HEF.
  • The opportunity to volunteer for your local chapter & the National organization.
  • Discounts offered from local holistic business and practitioners listed in our directory. 
  • An invitation to our monthly goal setting program: The Achievement Project.
  • You will receive the E-workbook that is used for The Achievement Project.
  • Access to member’s only events.
  • Discounts to all HEF organized events.
  • You will have access to HEF’s Frontier co-op. This allows you to purchase natural and organic products at wholesale prices.

Find your local chapter here.

Click the donation link to become a Natural Networking Member today!