Denise Schnell

HEF Chapter Founder~Dubois County, Indiana

Denise is the owner of LIFEshift, discover JOY in Jasper, IN.

She practices as a JOY+ Coach, Reflexologist and dōTERRA Essential Oil
Consultant. Denise holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, is a
Consultant/Facilitator/Trainer for 3 in 1 Concepts, and is a Reiki Master.

She considers herself a Life Long Learner and has studied under many great teachers including but not limited to the Teachings of Abraham Hicks, Hopi Native American Teachings, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, and Eckert Tolle.
Denise’s holistic mindset has been her guide throughout her life. She was a La
Leche League (Breastfeeding Support) Leader, Girl Scout Leader, President of the church council, a volunteer for all of her daughter’s adventures and a founding member of The Lounge Series, The Council for Holistic Awareness, and the Holistic Wellness Expo.

Denise has been married for over 30 years to her high school sweetheart and
together they have raised 3 beautiful and talented daughters. Denise loves
outdoor adventures and spending time playing games with her family.