The Achievement Project (T.A.P.) 

We invite you to T.A.P into your power, share your ideas, wisdom, & achievements to create & manifest your future success.

Watch a 6 minute YouTube video, click here. 

Using a holistic approach, that everything in our life is connected, we will have an open discussion on goal setting for personal life and/or business. Then, using a Pathbook (journal), create your individual  goal & devise an action plan for success. Give & get feedback from the group.

Infused into every meeting will be a discussion from a compilation of the book of the month, Herb of the month, Essential Oil of the month, Chakra balancing, and meditations geared toward abundance, success, & prosperity. Guest Speakers will be invited to join us at some of the gatherings.

We meet every last Friday of each month.

Nationally, HEF members can join us & be part of the live zoom call at 7:00pm. If you would like to become a member & join The Achievement Project, zoom call click here.

HEF members will receive a Pathbook (journal) to keep track of your goals & plans. If you are a member in need of the Pathbook, please contact your Chapter Leader.

The Achievement Project Promotes:

Education in holistic health.
Connection with the holistic community.
Supports building personal skills for holistically-minded individuals.
Supports holistically-minded business owners.
Provides a space for holistically minded people to connect & help each other prosper in a non-judgmental environment.

Yearly Dates:

January 31, 2020
February 28, 2020
March 27, 2020
April 24, 2020
May 29, 2020
June 26, 2020
July 31, 2020
August 28, 2020
September 25, 2020
October 30, 2020
November 27, 2020
December ~To Be Announced

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